Fields Of Fire

There's no-one watching over me tonight
And I'm afraid to turn out the lights
If I close my eyes it will all go away
And I don't want to see it end this way
There was a time when truth and trust
Meant so much more to each of us
And all the dreams that we once had
That seems that some of them left us feeling bad
Now the changing of the guard
Has left us feeling so damn hard
I'll keep my distance, cause I'm a little bit afraid
Through the years, one thing hasn't changed
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
I would run through fields of fire
I would crawl on broken glass
Just to swim in your sea of devotion
Just to have a second chance
That's all I ask!
Now maybe good's not good enough
I know we've changed, but not that much
Maybe time has left us beaten up
I never was one into giving up
I ain't the hero who gets the girl
But if I had my chance to save the world
I won't blow it now, I guess I'll understand
This boys becoming a man
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Well look at your hands
Do you hear what I say
Can you count on your fingers
Each of your real friends
I know that I'm lucky
I know Im right
Fingers turn into fists
We're hear to take on the night
That's right
Now I'm staring at an open door
We've had a lot and I want much more
You can keep all the money and the streets that are paved with gold
If someone gives me back my soul
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ,yeah, yeah!
I would run through fields of fire!
I would run through fields of fire!
I would run all way back home, I would run!
Baby all night long!

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